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Balanced integrated amplifier with DAC and Next-gen streamer

 The ECI 6DX combines a best-in-class feature set with cutting edge audio technology and true Electrocompaniet sound. This single unit is able to play whichever, wherever and whatever audio you might have, and makes it sound like music was meant to be.

The built-in streamer is extremely powerful, flexible and easy to use. It can play directly from music services such as Tidal, Qobuz and Spotify, can be fed music through AirPlay or DLNA, and it can even index and play from your own music collection stored in your network. The powerful hardware ensures that all popular formats are supported (including DSD) and that continuous software upgrades can support the latest and greatest streaming services.

The streamer shares the same DNA as the ECM 2 and the new EC Living product line. This means that you can use the same apps and interface, and play all of the same music on all units. This way, you don’t have to choose between high-end and multi-room, or flexibility and audio quality. All units are equally flexible, and will work equally well together.

The ECI 6DX can be operated by the intuitive iOS & Android application, the universal webinterface, or with the straightforward IR remote control. All of our streamer systems use the same app and web-interface.

We are very excited to be offering Joseph Audio Loudspeakers. We have brought in three different models for your listening pleasure.



The Perspective brings a large measure of the Pearl3 sound in a very compact and easy to place enclosure.

With its only sonic rival its bigger brother, the Perspective easily stands out. In the slender Perspective contains an amalgam of the finest qualities that a mini monitor has to offer coupled with the power and impact that only a floor standing design can deliver. The magnesium woofers and Sonatex Hexadyn tweeter are precisely matched as is only possible with our proprietary crossover technique.

The acoustic design of the cabinet is very complex and rigid, with multiple bracing to keep the box as silent as possible. This structural rigidity translates into clarity and focus of the highest order. The seamless Asymmetrical Infinite Slope crossover gives the Perspective a unique sense of coherence. The sound retains the same character from top to bottom, greatly contributing to the overall realism of the listening experience. The special magnesium cone woofers are tuned to tautly extend the low frequency response for bass that can be heard and distinctly felt.



The Joseph Audio Pulsar establishes a new benchmark in mini monitor performance.  It truly conveys the scale of a much larger speaker, combined with the speed, precise imaging and resolution that “mini” fans have always prized.


The Pulsar utilizes the same ultra high resolution tweeter found in our top of the line Pearl3, seamlessly married to a newly developed precision cast magnesium cone long throw woofer. Dual sets of Cardas patented binding posts permit bi-wire or bi-amplification.


“For those of you who have dreamed of owning relatively compact stand mount monitors that really do convey the sense of reproducing (near) full-range bass, your loudspeaker has arrived.”

— Chris Martens, The Absolute Sound

“Extraordinarily powerful low bass, considering the speaker’s modest dimensions...an uncolored, natural midrange.”

— John Atkinson, Stereophile

“The Pulsars are veritable light-sabers.”

— Steven Stone, The Absolute Sound

“A two-way compact of impeccable craftmanship and sonic insight. This bass reflex design makes listening deep into the mix an altogether revelatory experience. Borrowing much of the cabinet and driver technology (including the superb tweeter) and advanced Infinite Slope crossover technology from the flagship Pearl, The diminutive Pulsar outputs music with smooth bass response and profound midrange purity. Its overall lack of grain couled with speed and clarity naturally bring to mind a ribbon or electrostatic. And in dynamic contrasts and transient behavior it is a veritable light-saber. It’s a speaker that combines the sophisticated sonic characteristics of a superb mini-monitor with the punch and much of the weight of a larger speaker. Ideal for the smaller home, and for our Mid-Priced Loudspeaker Of The Year Award.”

— The Absolute Sound


If you've wished to own a pair of Joseph Audio Pulsars (and who can blame you?) but don't have the funds to buy a set, we have some very good news for you! Introducing the Prism, It's a small speaker, but it still thinks it's big! And when you hear its powerful bass sound and spacious imaging you'll think it's big too! The specially designed woofer has tremendous throw with a powerful motor to deliver bass with authority and definition. A newly designed crossover optimizes the woofer's seamless transition to the dual section sonatex dome tweeter. The result is a speaker that will astonish and delight you with its convincing natural sound. It's transparency will let you hear into your music like never before. 


“But it’s the bass that shocks. Where the heck does that come from?”

— Scott Hull, Part-time Audiophile

“While it’s become an audiophile cliche to talk about mini-monitors that “defy physics” by creating extraordinary amounts of bass, the Prism could be the next bellwether for this type of thinking—all for a price slightly less than half the cost of the Pulsar. And while I suspect the Pulsar outdoes its little brother in terms of sheer size, it was almost shocking to hear the Prism create deep, tuneful bass that could instantly put a big smile on my face.”

— Marc Philips, The Vinyl Anachronist

Now on display and available to audition. The Jeff Rowland Model 625 S2 Power Amplifier.




MODEL 625 S2

The 625 Series 2 incorporates many of the same technical features of the 725 amplifiers. Similar to the 725, the 625 S2 signal circuitry is built upon a Rogers ceramic circuit board laminate material for lower dielectric absorption and energy storage. The 4-Pole filter capacitors used in the 725 power supply have also been included in the S2, significantly reducing power supply output noise. The maximum output power has been increased from 300 to 325 watts per channel at 8 ohms.

Precision LED based current sources have been implemented throughout the amplifier circuitry, along with 0.1% thin film SMD resistors for more stable operating points and lower noise. Custom designed Lundahl input transformers are implemented with a higher turns ratio and wound with Cardas high purity copper wire.

Input circuitry includes an additional linear phase 2 pole filter to effectively attenuate all out-of-band signals from any source, including DSD spurious noise.Cardas gold/teflon/rhodium XLR input connectors are carried over from the 725. Newly developed error-correction circuitry has been incorporated around the entire amplifier, making a total of three independent error-correction techniques used to decrease all forms of distortion throughout the entire audio bandwidth.

The Model 625 S2 delivers a sensuous grain-free musicality of unparalleled transparency and low level resolution that blossoms from a rich velvety silence and blossoms into the pure enjoyment of your listening experience.

Now on display The Electrocompaniet ECI 6DX Integrated Amp/DAC/Streamer

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