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Audio Elation, Our Story

Our Story

Hear the Difference.


We are John & Karen Grasso, owners of Audio Elation. We are a small family owned business now in our 21st year. Our passion for music has been the driving force of our business. We enjoy all genres of music. Karen began playing the piano and the string bass at ages 8 & 9 respectively and was active in both the University of Montana and the Missoula Symphonies for 10 years. I unfortunately do not have any musical talent, but have a sincere love of music. We have been very blessed over the years to attend more than 100 concerts from all genres.

We focus mostly on two-channel systems, but also offer home theater systems. Our goal is provide musically satisfying systems that connect the listener to the artist or musicians. A properly matched stereo system should convey the emotion of the performance.  High-End Audio has changed so much since we began back in 2001. Manufacturers are pushing the envelope to what is possible more than ever. We are continually attending High-End audio shows to explore new companies and to continue to offer the best price performance ratio possible.


At Audio Elation, every client receives the same attention with private auditions catered to their budget.  Customer service has always been our number one priority.


When we first started our business, we had three systems for our customers to listen to. We are now able to put together more than 25 different systems for our customers to audition. Our motto “Hear the Difference” means exactly that. Come, join us, and discover for yourself that you too can “Hear the Difference”!

John & Karen Grasso

Hear the Difference, Audio Elation

Hear the Difference.

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