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What our clients are saying...

"John, just hit the 97 hour mark and WHAM!!!...everything seems to have dramatically come together and stabilized and into a remarkable whole.  Never heard a component go through such a drastic burn-in and what a leap forward!!  Thanks we can really start assessing the rest of the system and how well cables and amp will reintegrate, because there is clearly a “New System Boss in Town” and it’s the TREO CT’s..."   Best,  John


"In over 30 years as an avid audiophile, my biggest worry has been finding a reliable Hi-Fi dealer that I could have the confidence in to be totally honest, trustworthy, and fair. I have had some negative experiences with some other dealers in the past. That was true for me until I met John and Karen Grasso of Audio Elation 7 years ago. John and Karen won me over with the highest level of courtesy, kindness, and respect that sets a relaxed, no pressure atmosphere. Most of all, John has always been 100% honest. John’s first priority has always been customer satisfaction. John is always helpful and available to answer all my questions. John’s expertise and hospitality makes Audio Elation the best Hi-Fi dealer to shop for the best audio brands in the world!"

Sincerely, Bob S.


"Hey John,

I keep getting distracted listening to music and can't tear myself away to do some more position testing...I spread them apart compared to the dyns...maybe I will push them back a bit to get a bit more oomph in the bass.

Overall, these are haunting. I literally cannot stop thinking about them. When I'm bored at work I re-read the same old reviews haha. This is hands down the best audio purchase I've made (phew)!!!"

Thanks, Osho

"I have bought many items from John at Audio Elation over the past 10 years and I can't be more satisfied with my purchases.  Every aspect of the purchase from his A/V gear recommendations to fair pricing to on-time delivery of the items purchased, makes buying from John a worry-free pleasure.  His honesty and integrity are second to none and are strong reasons why I call John when I'm ready to purchase A/V components for my home." 

Craig B.


"Hi John ,

I wanted to let you know the Capri is such a good little preamp, the best I’ve owned , really everything about it ,for me anyway is as good as it gets." Clip


"Hey John,


I received the Shunyata power cable and it's working out quite nicely. I'm guessing I'll have to outfit the whole system with Shunyata power cables now!"


Thanks again, Chris H


"John, I received the ear buds a couple days after you sent them. I really like them a lot and thought they sounded pretty dam good.


Thanks for taking care of me and I hope you guys had a good trip."


Thanks, Brannon


"Dear John and Karen,

               Thank you very much for your hospitality this afternoon. We had a great time listening to wonderful music on your awesome system. We hope we can visit again the next time we are in Missoula—and as we said let us know if you ever visit New Orleans."


Mike and Elizabeth L


"Hi John,


Just a follow-up on the BDP2 I bought from you last month. It’s easily better than any of the various computers I've tried over the years.  From Mac minis with custom power supplies, to low powered Linux machines, this Bryston sounds better than any of them."


Thank you, Greg F.



"John - The Rogue Tempest III arrived yesterday.  It sounds outstanding! I've played it in my reference system as well as with the Vandy 2's.  It holds its own with my ARC gear. Thank you for the great transaction." 


Best, Sam 

Hear the Difference.

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