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Our Reference Room

Welcome to Audio Elation's Reference Room

The picture above is our reference speakers and electronics. We have carefully selected what we feel represents the best value, quality, and performance in audio and video today. We are now using Raidho TD3.8's in beautiful Walnut Burl. Coming soon!. Estelon Forza's in Violet. Amplification is the MSB S500  amplifier. Preamplifier duties handled by the Jeff Rowland Corus with PSU. We are streaming music using the Aurender N30SA. From the Aurender, we deliver the digital signal into the MSB Reference DAC. The reference stereo system is wired completely with Shunyata Research Omega and Sigma cables. Power conditioning is Shunyata Research Everest's. For the ultimate in resolution, we also have an entire loom of Nordost ODIN 2 cables. Stillpoints and Nordost Sort Kones are used throughout the entire system. The final foundation item is the Tripoint Audio Elite. This brings a realism to the music that we did not feel was possible a few short years ago.


We have taken this two channel reference system and combined it to include world class home theater. Using the Lyngdorf MP60 Processor as the center piece for Home Theater, for processing Satellite, DVD, Blu-ray, and now 4K Bluray. The latest reference Oppo UDP-205 4K Multi-format player is the new reference standard. Jeff Rowland's Multi Channel amplifier delivers power to the remaining center and surround speakers.


The Video completes the experience. Coming soon is the Sony 1025ES video projector. Incredibly bright, and the 4K picture the quality is  breathtaking. We also will be adding the latest screen from Stewart filmscreen.

Estelon XB Mk II Silver Pure Alu Liquid Gloss.jpg
Coming soon Estelon XB
Estelon Forza Ocean Mystery.jpg
Coming Soon Estelon Forza
Estelon Forza Interior.jpg
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