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  • Triple constraint building for the chassis. 20 pounds more of mass in the new construction.

  • New isolation bases for our proprietary EMI/RFI filtering modules.

  • New isolation base for the isolation bases. Double chassis isolation eliminates all mechanical distortions and negative resonances.

  • Thor Master Reference silver wire to ground all parts internally.

  • New added Thor  pure silver shields and dielectrics for added noise rejection and enhancement of tonal purity.

  • The Troy Signature provides superior dynamic full bodied presentation of the music/video picture with less added energy of its own. This is due to lower mechanical distortions and higher noise rejection scheme.

  • Better pin-point precision and blacker blacks

  • Three Cardas pure copper binding post. Allows you to hook up a maximum of nine components

  • One 2 meter fixed power cord with a Oyaide P- 079 male plug

  • African Bubinga chassis with 14 coats of clear piano finish

  • Four cables: One 3 meter, Two 2 meters, One 1.5 meter grounding cables with Oyaide spades

  • Impedance ground match for your components

  • 3/4 “ black anodized faceplate

  • Three 1" brass spikes

  • Custom wood shipping crate

  • Ten year warranty

  • Dimensions: 12.5” wide, 14” depth, 8.25” height

  • Weight: 76 pounds / 112 pounds with shipping crate


Retail $16000 Sale $10995


"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler." -- Albert Einstein

While Albert Einstein may not have been an audiophile, he did have a pretty good head on his shoulders. So when it came time for EMM Labs to create a statement digital product, it seemed only logical to keep Einstein’s statement in mind.

Our goal, after all, was nothing less than a quantum leap in performance. And that’s just what we achieved with EMM Labs’ new XDS1 V2 CD/SACD Player. Inside its sculpted, brushed aluminum chassis is a silky smooth Esoteric™ drive mated to the industry’s most sophisticated digital and analog electronics.

How did we make the XDS1 V2 the best player we’ve ever created? In general terms, by simplifying. We decreased complexity. Shortened critical signal paths. Reduced parts count while increasing parts quality. Now let’s get specific.


We started by simplifying our analog circuitry. Instead of the two to three gain stages typical of most player output sections, the XDS1 V2 features just one active gain stage from DAC to output. The circuitry is discrete (no op-amps) and operates in pure Class A.


The XDS1 V2 features our most refined Meitner Digital Audio Translator (MDAT2™) circuitry yet. But it’s what the updated MDAT2™ does that makes it so amazing. Conventional digital players convert a digital signal (the ones and zeroes) to analog by processing it through a reconstruction filter that uses interpolation (oversampling) to smooth the analog waveform. The process works beautifully in the frequency domain, but in the time domain, errors are introduced in the form of pre and post ringing.

With MDAT2™ processing, there is no pre and post ringing. Which is why MDAT2™—quite unlike any other processing technology extant—is unique in its ability to preserve the phase, frequency and dynamic integrity of the waveform. Once you've heard this level of improvement in terms of resolution, nuance and dynamic shading, there's no going back.


At EMM Labs, we develop and manufacture our own proprietary conversion circuitry in house. For the XDS1 V2, we created something truly extraordinary—the MDAC™ module, which contains our most exquisitely refined conversion circuitry ever. Unlike off-the-shelf DAC chips in competing products, the MDAC™:

  • Is a cost-no-object (rather than inexpensive) solution

  • Is a discrete dual differential (rather than integrated) circuit

  • Is free from differential nonlinearities

  • Gives us complete control of the digital and analog data streams


In tandem with our new clock—one that establishes new benchmarks in jitter performance, temperature stability and vibration resistance—the result is astonishing. It’s as if the noise floor has dropped through the proverbial basement, leaving behind live, flesh and blood performers carved out of a precisely defined three-dimensional soundstage. The gains in transparency, image density, tonal color and realism are substantial.


Most converters utilize PLL (Phase Lock Loop) circuits to lock onto the incoming data stream. For the V2, we developed a better solution: MFAST™ (Meitner Frequency Acquisition System) technology.

MFAST™ has two distinct advantages over PLLs. It’s a high-speed asynchronous system that acquires any data stream almost instantaneously. Further, unlike PLLs that merely attenuate jitter, MFAST™ strips it out of the audio stream completely.

Hook a digital audio or video source to the XDS1 V2—computer, music server, MP3 player or whatever you like—and it becomes a standalone converter. MFAST™ ensures that you’ll enjoy pristine sonic clarity, whether the incoming data stream is pure or anything but.


Not only is our new high-isolation resonant mode power supply the greenest we’ve ever developed, it’s also the quietest—significantly outperforming typical switchers and linear power supplies in this regard.

Proprietary to both EMM Labs and the XDS1 V2, this power supply synchronizes its operating frequency (or resonant mode) to that of every other system within XDS1 V2—reducing digital noise to the vanishing point. It also offers ultra-tight regulation and virtually complete isolation from power-line impurities and fluctuations.

The EMM Labs XDS1 V2 CD/SACD Player. Everything about it is better than everything that has come before it.

It’s just that simple.

2 Available one Black, one Silver. Both units back from the factory with new transports.

Retail $25000 Sale $11995


Aeris DAC

The Aeris is the product of a close collaboration between Jeff Rowland Design Group and Holm Acoustics, a Danish company founded by Thomas Holm that specializes in signal processing products for high end audio applications.

The Aeris is much more than the successful result of a synergistic collaboration between the two companies. The high degree of complementary synergy between the two teams working in parallel can only be defined as a case of true organic design.


IsoSync ECS

Isolated Synchronous Error Correction System. Based upon an asynchronous buffer, voltage controlled crystal oscillators, and a 24 bit D/A converter – all under the precise control of an FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) running proprietary algorithms.

Bit Perfect and Virtually Jitter Free

Bit perfect conversion with total jitter output noise of less than 10 picoseconds RMS from any input – USB, TOSLINK, and SPDIF.

Multi-Stage Isolated Power Supply

Main power supply is isolated inside an external machined aluminum chassis. Eleven precision high-speed regulators provide low impedance and low noise “point of load” DC current to all analogue and digital circuits.

Isolated Audio and Digital Circuitry

Left and right channel audio output circuits, digital processing, and D/A conversion circuits are isolated within individual milled aluminum pockets resulting in exceptional EMI shielding, and thermal stabilization.

Volume Control

Wide range level control of outputs permit direct connection to power amplifiers.

Driver-Free Operation

The USB interface requires no additional drivers to install or maintain/update.


The USB interface is plug-n-play with all operating systems, including PC, Mac, or Linux.

Machined Aluminum Chassis

Precision-machined chassis milled from a solid block of aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum, provides exceptional thermal stability, RFI/EMI shielding, and resonance control.

6-Layer Circuit Board

Multi-layer circuit boards provide extremely low impedance ground and power distribution for remarkably low digital noise contamination.

High-Precision Surface Mounted Components

Extensive use of Lead (Pb)-free, low temperature coefficient, active and passive surface-mount components results in significantly smaller loop areas, reduced circuit capacitance and inductance, and introduces less noise than conventional leaded components.

Transformer Coupled Outputs

Transformer balanced XLR line outputs provide outstanding output common-mode noise rejection, eliminate potential ground loops, and ensure compatibility with other equipment.

Output Connections

Rhodium / Teflon Cardas output connectors for both balanced and unbalanced outputs preserve maximum audio signal integrity.

Remote Control

Allows remote control of volume, mute, standby, and input selection.

Customer Trade-in Mint Condition.

Retail $10800 Sale $6495

Lyngdorf TDAI-3400.jpg

Lyngdorf TDAI-3400

With extreme audio processing options combined with the most powerful and advanced digital amplifier technology, the TDAI-3400 is the most powerful product from Lyngdorf Audio yet marketed.

Tailor your setup and sound

Through the web interface you can perform all setup and operations from the menu system, which allows you to tailor your setup and sound, and the digital crossover allows 3 individual output settings. With our proprietary RoomPerfect™ room-correction software to eliminate the negative influence of the listening room, the TDAI-3400 delivers a perfect sound without the need for extensive room treatment.

Connect audio and video sources

A variety of inputs and outputs provide plenty of options to connect your audio and video sources as well as your speaker setup – such as 7 digital inputs including a balanced AES/EBU, USB inputs connects to music stored external, 2 analog inputs for simple analog music sources and optional modules.

Built-in media player

The TDAI-3400 accepts all media interfaces and features a built-in media player with the highest playback quality. Through your local network or via the USB connectors, you can access your entire library of music through the DLNA/UPnP enabled player.This media player also connects to streaming services like Roon Ready, Spotify Connect, and Airplay as well as internet radio. The TDAI-3400 also supports TIDAL Connect which allows lossless audio quality with the TIDAL app as the controller, and it includes the MQA Core Decoder, which unfolds the MQA file once to deliver better than CD-quality. MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) is an award-winning British technology that delivers the sound of the original master recording.

Demo model with less than 100 hours. Fully Loaded with Every Option

TDAI-3400 - HE Analog with Phono & HDMI Input (4K & HDR) ***


Retail $7999 Sale $5950

Wolf Cinema

DCL-200FD Home Cinema Projector

  • Single Chip DLP® With Advanced LED Light Engine

  • The DCL-200FD produces film-like images from nearly any source – from standard definition TV shows, favorite DVDs, to the latest generation high definition broadcasts and Blu-ray™ discs. The projector’s extremely advanced engine delivers razor sharp images via its single 1920 x 1080 (1080p) 0.95 DLP® chip set from Texas Instruments. But unlike most other single-chip platforms, the DCL-200FD has eliminated the traditional UHP lamp and color wheel: this unique projector produces an image via three separate RGB (red, green, blue) high-current light emitting diodes (LEDs). These LED emitter panels are superbly efficient light sources, with an extremely wide color gamut that exceeds today’s HD broadcast standards. There’s no color wheel involved and thus no visible “rainbow” artifacts or light flicker. And best of all is the extended life of the LED panels: a typical UHP projector lamp must be replaced and recalibrated every 2000 hours or so. The DCL-200FD’s LED panels are rated to deliver accurate light output for at least 30,000 hours of continuous usage.

  • Retail $25000 Sale $9995


Retail $25000 Sale $9995


A Must for High-End Digital Media Systems: Shunyata Hydra DPC-6 v2 Power Conditioner Improves Overall Performance, Isolates Digital Gear From Polluting Other Components

Newly updated and improved with Shunyata's CopperCONN outlet – a trademarked design that demonstrates remarkable advances in dynamics, backgrounds, and tonalities – the Shunyata Hydra DPC-6 v2 power conditioner is specifically designed to work with top-end digital media systems. Intended for use with computers, servers, monitors, routers, network devices, video processors, and disk arrays, Hydra DPC-6 v2 isolates such equipment and prevents it from polluting your power. This bellwether component's digital filter drastically reduces digital hash and noise, while the MPDA filter found in Shunyata's other reference products comes standard. If you've invested heavily in a high-res digital system, consider DPC-6 v2 a must. Backed by Music Direct's famous Money-Back Guarantee.

A Shunyata First for Digital Media-Server Systems

Shunyata's Hydra DPC-6 is the first Hydra designed specifically to optimize the performance of digital media-server entertainment systems. Components such as digital servers, routers, disc-arrays, transports, computers and digital media centers output a significant amount of digital noise and often have cheap power supplies with poor filtration or noise barriers. DPC-6 features a Shunyata-developed digital filter that dramatically reduces the digital hash and noise commonly associated with digital media playback. Digital video components can also be used into the Hydra DPC-6 with amazing results.

Shunyata Digital Coil (SDC) Isolates Noise Without Impacting Dynamics

SDC isolates high-frequency noise without significantly affecting the music's micro- and macro-dynamic range. The coil is unique in that it simultaneously provides common mode and differential mode noise reduction. It is a custom-wound, single-lay, air-core design made with Shunyata's exclusive CDA-101 12-gauge power wire.

VF-IV Filter Reduces Digital Noise Without Ringing

The latest incarnation of the VF filters made famous in the Hydra VRay, VF-IV is a capacitive array that reduces digital noise without the associated ringing that plagues other capacitive filter designs. Each AC duplex has a dedicated VF-IV filter to isolate each outlet from the others.

MPDA Filter and LED Fault Indicator

MPDA (multi-phase differential array) is a complex surface-mount circuit that significantly reduces power-line noise without the audible or visible side-effects normally associated with conventional capacitive and inductive approaches. DPC-6 v2 also includes an LED that indicates the condition of the surge circuitry.

I have the Complete Shunyata Research Stack available!

SR Triton V3 Retail $9000 Sale $4495

SR Typhon QR Retail $9000 Sale $4495

SR DPC-6 V2 Retail $5000 Sale $2995


Avalon Time Loudspeakers Walnut Finish


Years of research into spatial transparency has produced a design devoted to holistic precision, carefully balancing all empirical criteria without exaggeration or gimmick. The result is shockingly non-clinical, with rich tonal colors and thundering dynamic contrasts that remain locked into precise focus naturally filling the spatial context of the recording. Low noise floor and vanishingly small distortion byproducts of all types couple to produce an uncompressed soundfield free of listener fatigue.

Octave to octave energy balance is equivalent throughout the extended bandwidth envelope, developed without compression of any kind and yet critically damped, thus delivering a dynamic and spatial presentation that is absolutely faithful to the recording. The result is a large dynamic system that focuses with pin-point accuracy, revealing the most subtle details of space and time combined with the ability to create explosive sound pressure contrasts.

Most importantly the uniqueness of this design is found in its internal timing. Rhythm and tempo are authentic while micro-timing of individual transients are revealed for their inherent explosiveness, bloom, and decay. Instruments and ambient detail emerge from a black background and the lowest noise floor yet achieved in a high energy transducer.

Music is the passion in our blood and the muse of our intellect.

Retail Price $60,000 Demo Sale price in Black Walnut Sold

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