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Listening Room 6

 Listening Room 6

Raidho, JRDG, Oppo, Arcam, Shunyata Research, Nordost, Solus, LG

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In this showroom we have two completely separate systems. The first system comprises an Arcam Audio Video Receiver, and a fully modified by Modwright Instruments Oppo UDP 105D. This modified multi-format player can compete with any player under $10k. 4K video is handled by the LG 65” OLED TV. This is definitely the best picture available for any TV. The Arcam AVR distributes full 7.1 surround sound to seven Solus In-wall speakers, and a Rel G2 Subwoofer. SACD, DVD Audio 4K Bluray Discs have never sounded and looked so good!


The second stereo only system uses the same modified Oppo player running directly to the new Jeff Rowland Model 625 S2 amplifier. Power conditioning is handled using Shunyata Research Denali and all Shunyata power cords. The speaker cables and interconnects are provided by Nordost. Everything is placed on Nordost Sort Kones to improve the overall sound. The stereo speakers are from Raidho and currently we have the C1.2 series and the Raidho X1 both with Raidho stands.

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