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MSB Technology


Located in Silicon Valley, our dedicated engineers and production specialists work to bring you the best in high-end audio. Combining elegant design thinking with a passion for lifelike reproduction, our close-knit team, led by brothers Jonathan and Daniel Gullman, build and curate a wide array of hifi products—DACs, transports and amplifiers—setting an industry benchmark. By relying on tight integration between electrical, mechanical and consumer needs, we strive to push the listening experience further. At the end of the day, our joy comes from innovation and sharing our leading-edge technologies with the world.


Designing DACs for more than 25 years has given us keen insights for future ready products. Now, more than ever, our product range has the most flexible architechture yet. California based in-house development and manufacturing has evolved the digital front-end to a new level of playback.


Jonathan Gullman, CEO & Designer

Jonathan, along with his brother Daniel, grew up in the high-end audio world. Ever since he was a child he has been working with electronics with the focus on audio. Having been a part of MSB most of his life, he has done every aspect of the business giving him a better understanding of both what the customers need and how to create amazing product.

After graduating university with honors with an Electrical Engineering degree, Jonathan has worked full time at MSB. One of his first projects was the development of the DAC IV and the Data CD IV products. Since 2006 he has been the engineering manager overseeing all projects to make sure that products are designed with the optimal integration between functionality, sound quality, and reliability. He has continued the MSB tradition of keeping the majority of cost is to be spent on the sound quality and performance, and not the chassis itself.

Jonathan also manages all the technical support for all of the products. If a customer is having trouble with a product , Jonathan has been involved in getting the problem resolved. All repairs are performed or overseen by Jonathan directly allowing him to implement new production procedures or design changes to prevent them happening again. By working directly with the customer, it allows him to understand the end users needs directly, which greatly influence new product designs.

In 2016 he became an owner and the CEO. He continues to be the engineering project manager and designer while performing sales working closely with our distributors. He works with the other designers closely as a team and only through the close cooperation between all of the designers is MSB able to produce the great products that we have. There is no product produced that is completely ones person design, everything is worked on together as a team. Jonathan believes that one person can make a good product, but it takes a team of designers to make a truly great product!

In Jonathan’s free time, he enjoys the outdoors. He loves going on hikes in Yosemite and backpacking in the Sierra Nevada mountains.  He lives on a farm and with his wife they have their own vegetable garden. He also enjoys traveling and looks for any excuse to go see somewhere new!

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