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Jeff Rowland Design Group

We design and manufacture high-end audio products of exacting quality and enduring beauty for refined music lovers worldwide.

For 25 years, Jeff Rowland has established a hallmark reputation for his unsurpassed engineering artistry, for designing and manufacturing products that have consistently mustered the test of time, but also for blazing the path in the high end audio industry with trend setting technical innovations that consistently become fundamental design elements in high end audio. 

The astounding elegance of Rowland products, their impeccable execution and quality, as well as their well deserved reputation for musical refinement, turns them invariably into classics and cherished heirlooms. The esthetic and the sonic excellence of his timeless creations reflect that, today more than ever, Jeff Rowland is foremost an industry pioneer and a true technical innovator with many unique technological advances to his credit.


Jeff Rowland has sought musical truth through his leading design work for the last 25 years. Rowland pushes the state of the technological art, not as a sterile goal by itself, but as a means of raising the artistry of the possible in reproduction of musical beauty, while remaining consistent with long held personal esthetic ideals. 

The Rowland house sound evolves steadily, together with the state of the technological art. A quarter century ago, by challenging the limits of the possible in audio engineering, Jeff Rowland imparted his creations with their classic musical footprint: a tremendous staging and dynamic power, matched by a unique intimacy and grain free musical presentation, together with just a touch of warmth. As new technologies become available, Rowland selects the most promising among them. He harnesses their full potential as basic building blocks in a continuous artistic quest of evolving his creations’ ability to extract ever subtler harmonic and dynamic nuances from music recordings. Through the application of the most advanced technologies, Jeff Rowland continues to increase dramatically the control over speakers of any load, resulting in even superior staging and image resolution, while frequency extension, linearity, and transparency today reach levels not possible with legacy technologies. 

Hear the Difference.

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