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Bel Canto

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Bel Canto Design, LTD was founded in 1991 by John Stronczer in Minneapolis, MN.


John’s expertise in integrated mix signal design and passion for live music has steered him towards creating the most engaging musical playback experience today

Every Bel Canto product begins with a high-level idea that goes through extensive development and proof of concept.

 This leads to optimized design that improves ergonomics and performance, allowing for more features and flexibility than ever before. 

Bel Canto products are designed and manufactured with precision in Minneapolis, MN.

We use advanced technologies and the highest grade materials, ensuring you will enjoy your Bel Canto equipment for years to come.

Our highly experienced team is dedicated to ensuring every component is built to the highest standard.

We love what we do and want people to love what they hear.

Each product is meticulously inspected, tested, and packaged on site, ensuring performance and reliability.

Our attention to detail results in a high quality that creates the finest experience from every product.

With all of this we see a line of distinction that begins with pride of place, encompasses integrity of design and craftsmanship that results in a musical experience that is distinctly Bel Canto. Within every product you’ll hear it.

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