Vivid Audio



Our loudspeakers look, and sound, unlike any you’ve ever experienced before. From blank sheet of paper to finished product, every Vivid Audio loudspeaker is created for a single purpose: to bring you perfectly transparent, natural sound, free from colour, resonance and reflection. Which means you get to enjoy the music you love in a whole new way: exactly as it was written, performed and intended to be heard. As an engineering-led company, we build our loudspeakers to rigorous technical standards, not price points. Whichever Vivid Audio speakers you choose, you’ll benefit from the same world-class, handmade drivers, crossovers, enclosures and other technology. Whether you’re a dedicated audiophile, discerning music lover, home entertainment aficionado, or someone who recognizes, expects and demands only the very best, you’ll find your perfect loudspeakers here.


We’re guessing you’ve never seen speakers like them; and you’ve definitely never heard speakers like them. The GIYA range is a direct, deliberate challenge to every aesthetic and acoustic convention. But it’s a rebel with a cause: there’s a cool, precise engineering logic behind every line and detail. And if you can’t take your eyes off them, imagine the effect on your ears. Massive, room-filling yet amazingly laid-back sound, revealing hidden subtleties and nuances in the music you love most. Embrace the extraordinary.



Our flagship GIYA range is the choice of committed audiophiles and connoisseurs worldwide. The radical shape is defined by proven acoustic principles taken to their logical conclusions, untethered by conventional wisdom and construction techniques. Every element of the design is the products of pioneering innovation, from our patented hand-built drive units to our advanced vacuum infused composite enclosure. Every detail has been considered and refined in our relentless quest to eliminate resonances and reflections – and enhance your listening pleasure.


The KAYA range is the authentic Vivid Audio listening experience, made more accessible. These three and two-way loudspeakers take all


our patented technology and package it in sleek, compact enclosures: perfect for rooms where the sound system is part of the space,


rather than the main feature, and great for home theatre. The position of the tweeter and mid-range driver gives KAYA speakers a more


directional sound, taking you deeper into the performance. And once you’re in there, you can revel in every detail, and the seamless,


uncluttered sound field created by our unique engineering-led approach.

Hear the Difference.